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Our Ingredient Standards

Our high quality plant based ingredients are pure, sourced locally, unaltered and highly active and ethical.

✓ Certified Organic Ingredients
✓ Bio-Active Ingredients
✓ Australian Oils, Fruits and Extracts
✓ Sustainable and Ethical Ingredients
✓ Natural Emollients and Emulsifiers
✓ Cosmeceutical Grade Ingredients
✓ Aromatherapy oils
✓ Natural Preservatives

All Élan Essentials Skincare products are free from

X Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
X Parabens 
X Mineral Oil
X Petro-Chemicals
X Glycols
X Silicones
X Artificial Fragrances
X Artificial Colours

Animal Testing Policy 

The only testing of product we do is on ourselves and we secretly love it! Under no circumstances are our products tested on animals. Élan Essentials is 100% Animal Cruelty Free and proud to be!


It is so important now more than ever  to know what we are putting on our skin. Our products do not contain any animal bi-products. We pride ourselves on having skincare products that are 100% Vegan.

Australian Made

Élan Essentials products are all developed and handmade locally in Australia. We believe in supporting local businesses in our community and a lot of our ingredients are native to Australia.


We want you to enjoy every minute of your Élan Essentials candle. Here are some tips for getting the best results:

  • The initial burn - Burn candle until wax melts evenly across the glass tumbler. Wax has a burn memory by ensuring to burn to the edge this should prevent tunneling.
  • Do not exceed 4 (four) hours of burn time.
  • To ensure a perfect even burn keep the wick trimmed to approximately (seven) 7mm. Ensure the wick is centered – Move it gently into position whilst the wax is molten. Extinguish candle before replacing lid.
  • For optimum performance burn candle thereafter for 1 (one)  - 4 (four) hours maximum - do not exceed 4 (four) hours
  • Always light candle in draft-free areas, to prevent dripping and smoking. If a draft cannot be avoided, turn the candle 180 degrees every hour.
  • Never burn a candle completely. Dispose of it when it burns to within one inch of tumbler.
  • Please note: Burn time is 55-60 hours. This may vary slightly depending on the environmental conditions.
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We care about you and want you to be safe when using our candles. Please be aware of the safety tips before you light a candle.
  • Ensure the candle is placed on a stable, heat resistant surface and away from any drafts or items that can catch a light easily like curtains, books, paper any combustible items.
  • Lit candles should be kept out of reach of children and pets.
  • Lit candles should not be moved once lit as the glass may become very hot.
  • If your candle becomes smoky or the flame is too high, extinguish the candle. These are indicators that the candle is not burning properly.
  • When it has cooled trim the wick and check for any drafts before re-lighting the candle. This will ensure longevity and a cleaner burning experience.


We are very passionate about the environment and try to keep our carbon foot print small. All invoices are online, we reuse packaging for our parcel packaging when ever possible.  

Our skin care packaging is made from PET plastic or glass. PET plastic and glass are 100% recyclable we encourage all Élan Essentials users to recycle your skincare bottles after use.

We like to think you can get more purpose out of our candles once the soy wax finishes. Our glass tumblers and boxes can be recycled or reused as storage containers in your home. We have even found the glass jar is a great home for our indoor plants.


We are passionate about making products that are ECO-FRIENDLY, VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE + LOCAL. Sharing tips + inspiration monthly on green beauty, conscious living + everything in between ♡

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