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Can I use Élan Essentials product whilst pregnant?

With any new product it is best to consult your health care practitioner. As some essentials oils are advised to avoid during pregnancy. For example our Soothing Milk Cleanser contains ylang-ylang essential oil which is known to induce early labour in women.

What should I do if I become allergic?

Stop use immediately, rinse off any product and seek medical assistance. Élan Essentials believes in patch testing prior to use. Each product lists its ingredients online and on the packaging. We recommend reading this prior to purchase.

Why Soy Wax?

We use 100% soy wax because it is renewable, eco-friendly and carbon neutral. It does not carry any nasties like paraffin, herbicides, heavy metals and artificial colouring. Soy wax burns cleanly and slowly allowing you to get the most out of your Élan Essentials candle. Most of all it is natural and enhances the aromas of the essentials oils we add to create our fragrances.

What is the shelf life for my candle?

We recommend storing your new Élan Essentials candle below 25 degrees Celsius and preferably out of direct sunlight. They can last approximately 3 years.

Why are there small imperfections and bubbles in my candle?

We hand finish our candles and pour a lot of love into each one.  You may notice after your first burn the candle may have small bubbles, fear not. These bubbles do not ruin the burning or beautiful fragrance of your candle. The bubbles are likely due to the temperature in which it was burnt and the essential oils we have used. These imperfections are what make our candles beautifully natural.

How can I personally contribute to Greenfleet?

Please check out Greenfleet online at https://greenfleet.secure.force.com/donate/ They are an awesome non-for-profit organisation who plant trees to set of c02 emissions - Take that global warming!  


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