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The core values of Élan Essentials come from a holistic approach to sustainability. Giving back to the social and environmental community, supporting the native environment (native forests, marine ecosystems) and being an active part of creating a culture of ‘giving back'. 

We are so humbled to have teamed up with Greenfleet to achieve these values. 

Greenfleet is Australia’s most respected source of bio-diverse carbon offsets. As a non-profit organisation, Greenfleet is dedicated to connecting people with real climate action.

Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted more than 8.7 million native trees across 425 bio-diverse forests in Australia and New Zealand to offset carbon emissions. As they grow, these native forests capture carbon pollution from the atmosphere, provide vital habitat to native wildlife, conserve biodiversity and generate resilience to climate change in the landscape. Visit www.greenfleet.org.au to learn more about Greenfleet. 

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With every 5th purchase made on our online store a new tree is planted. These trees will grow into resilient + native forests around Australia + offset carbon emissions to protect our future. 



We are passionate about making products that are ECO-FRIENDLY, VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE + LOCAL. Sharing tips + inspiration monthly on green beauty, conscious living + everything in between ♡

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