We're Open

March 17, 2017

We're Open

It’s official! Our online store + website has launched

We’ve popped open the champagne that was bought many months ago to celebrate this special moment in style. Yes, we made it to launch day and now the real journey begins...

I’ve wanted to create something of value for years. Something that you can proudly say - I created this. Something your heart and soul is so deeply in love with you smile from the inside as well as the huge grin you proudly wear on the outside. Something that can and does have an impact on society, that can help in making changes, ever so small to our environment and mostly something that can offer a conscious change in oneself.

Talking over soy milk lattes with a dear friend, about our future and what this life is really all about, I realised it was time to put my ideas and dreams into realities. Taking my words and ideas and turning them into actions. I strongly believe in diving head first into ‘what ifs’ as we only get to live this life once. With the encouragement and endless support of my partner and co-owner Jarrath we create Élan Essentials.

A brand for the home, body and soul. A brand that gives back to the environment. A brand that is more than just a brand. A brand that is more of a lifestyle choice.

Our journey is just beginning - It’s a path that continually grows with each rising day. We are proud of our products and what they can do for our home and body, mostly we love what Élan Essentials inspires to do for our soul and how it can become apart of our lifestyle.

We want our blogs to be encouraging, offer you tips and facts on skincare, interiors, conscious living and more!  We want to share with you inspirational interviews with other movers and shakers of this world and interest you with thought provoking ideas to inspire your own Élan. 

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We are passionate about making products that are ECO-FRIENDLY, VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE + LOCAL. Sharing tips + inspiration monthly on green beauty, conscious living + everything in between ♡

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