Ingredients + your skin

March 17, 2017

Ingredients + your skin

An insight to some of our key ingredients + why they are so good for our skin!

Right at the beginning of our journey we knew we were looking for the highest quality natural ingredients. We wanted to know by smelling, touching and using these ingredients that we could see and feel the difference in a single use. Below is an insight into some of the key ingredients we use in Elan Essentials skincare range, that improve our skin naturally, leaving it hydrated, nourished and glowing. 


Not only is papaya a delicious fruit, (we enjoy ours fresh with a squeeze of lime) it has amazing benefits for our skin too. Below, is some key information on what Papaya can do for our skin: 

  • Papaya is a beta carotene rich food, which is filled with powerful enzymes and phytochemicals. These enzymes combat free radicals on our skin cause by pollution and environmental conditions.
  • These same enzymes help slow the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Papain is a key nutrient in papaya, it has skin lightening properties. Papain can also fade blemishes and acne scars.

This amazing fruit helps dissolve inactive proteins and dead skin cells that lay on the top layer of our skin. We love it so much it is a key ingredient in our Purifying Body Cleanser!


Kakadu Plum 

The Kakadu Plum is a native fruit found mainly in the Northern areas of Australia. We are so lucky to be home to the worlds highest know vitamin C concentration of any single natural food source! For thousands of years Native Aborigines have use the Kakadu Plum as a food source and also in traditional medicine for healing burns and rashes on the skin.

Why is this so important and what benefits can Vitamin C do for our skin? You guess it, below are the reason why we love this native fruit so much:

  • Each plum contains up to 4% ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) this is equivalent to 10 oranges!
  • Being 50 more times ascorbic acid than citrus fruits, the Vitamin C in Kakadu Plums provide the skin with important antioxidants.
  •  The Kakadu Plum antioxidants help prevent the break down of collagen.
  • Kakadu Plum is great for all skin types, it boost skins luminosity, evens skin tone and improves skin texture.

We love this ingredient and the benefits it has on our skin. Kakadu Plum can be found in our Hydrating Toner along with Papaya and Quandong (another exceptional ingredient we will share with you a bit later). Our Hydrating Toner is great in addition to to your daily skincare routine and even better as a travel companion! We spritz whenever we get a chance! 



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